Why I love my Telco

I am a great fan of the intelligent use of technology. Indeed, I like David Bailey have spent a great deal of my career advocating just such use.  The story below is an unexaggerated description of one of the most frustrating encounters I have ever had with a major company.  I am left wondering whether Telstra has ever learned what it means to be a private company; to offer genuine service, honest quality assurance, and knowledgeable assistance; to use modern databases or train competent assistants. There again, when the main competition in Oz  is Optus what choice does a consumer have? Certainly my experience must have been a tad unusual or Telstra would I imagine no longer be in business. That said, I am left scratching my head at such profligate and repeated waste of time, energy and resources by everyone involved.

See what you think (http://carma.newcastle.edu.au/jon/telstra.pdf).

Jonathan Borwein (half of Math Drudge)

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