An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing

A new book, co-authored by one of the present bloggers is now available: An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing: With Maple, authored by Jonathan M. Borwein and Matthew P. Skerritt, published by Springer, 2011. Here is a brief synopsis:

Thirty years ago, mathematical computation was difficult to perform and thus used sparingly. However, mathematical computation has become far more accessible due to the emergence of the personal computer, the discovery of fiber-optics and the consequent development of the modern internet, and the creation of Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab.

An Introduction to Modern Mathematical Computing: With Maple looks beyond teaching the syntax and semantics of Maple and similar programs, and focuses on why they are necessary tools for anyone who engages in mathematics. It is an essential read for mathematicians, mathematics educators, computer scientists, engineers, scientists, and anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of mathematics. This volume will also explain how to become an “experimental mathematician,” and will supply useful information about how to create better proofs.

Additional details, as well as a link to a downloadable PDF file, are available at the Springer website.

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