Bailey and Borwein publish new collection of experimental math papers

A collection of papers in the field of computational and experimental mathematics authored by one or both of the present bloggers has now been published by Perfectly Scientific Press.

Entitled Exploratory Experimentation in Mathematics: Selected Works, the work collects 16 articles that reflect the changing face of computer-assisted “high-performance” mathematics, wherein the computer is increasingly utilized as an active agent for exploration and discovery in the world of research mathematics.

Richard E. Crandall, a colleague of the present bloggers and Director of the Center for Advanced Computation at Reed College, comments as follows:

Refreshing always it is to have in hand a book by the pioneers of a given field. David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein have together—and along with illustrious colleagues—built the field of experimental mathematics. In this field one discovers truths in much the same way that new particles can be discovered in a physics laboratory; or in the manner by which DNA was discovered in 1953 to be of helical structure, on the basis of ball-stick models and x-ray data. Whereas Crick and Watson made hay out of their models, and Wilkinson serendipitously interpreted his data, so, too, Bailey and Borwein show how to use numerical tools and intuition to bear mathematical fruit.

A PDF copy of the book may be purchased online at Perfectly Scientific Press website.

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